Saturday, October 4


I saw this film Friday and early and it was nearly sold out. Most first shows I see are nearly empty.
Being an Affleck fan for years it was a MUST SEE for me. An overall excellent cast defying its sloppy read.  Sloppy reads tend to make the best of films for some unknown reason. The deceptively shallow script was was culled into a wonderfully passive-agressive film noir. It is, in a single word: GLARING. By the end, none of their motives were secret and yet none confessed. It is a spun gold movie.We see more of a determination to survive rather than to solve any mysteries. I found neither lead character sympathetic and wished that there would've been more focus on the Amazing Amy aspect but only for more depth. I kind of expected any DEFINING truths to be spit out but there never was any.  That would only mean surrender and failure. I was never confused. It was all very direct and telescopically doubts about the lying and deceit of the couple,  the police, the subsequent event characters, the media and the SPARSE  in movie public/actual audience to wit. It dwells little on reaction which is media crafted.  It is a sale, creation, of news, but not necessarily of a good NEVER OPINES the bad judgement of the media.  It never judges the content of the get. That is for yet another film to make the next leap.  The  soundtrack and lack of humor was not even missed which makes the film such a great must see. The seemingly FORCED drama is supplied solely by the actors. Even Tyler Perry, as cliche as his "Elvis has left the building phrase",  is antecedent and his lawyer role was typical and expected but not derogatory. A welcome respite to the questionable suspense. All memorable. They all, in succumbing to the media, seemed to be saved. And UNACCOUNTABLE to what they all wanted anyway. This was the plot one of the film, how everyone gets sucked into the white hot and has to sell out to survive.  They nailed it.