Saturday, October 4


This has been my political mantram for years. And I just can’t stand it anymore, I have to speak out further: The only reason we pay attention to OBAMA AND PALIN is because they are newbies to our system. THEY'RE NOT PART OF THE PROBLEM.

They are Mr. and Ms. Clean that is the USA of now; my vote is for Obama because of the to he appears to have the best judgement, the best people to rally around him which can make some real changes. And workable changes are badly needed. The Veep doesn't make decisions, so Palin is a free for all, the vision of the minute, and likely compensatory for the Republican losses to come.

These election year debates, as Don Hewitt has said, are "nothing more than glorified press conferences." A sell job for both pols and the press. The audience loses, the parties and media gain more and more power, influence and campaign bucks. No direct approach is required, all zeal, all format, no content.

It has been the way we the people have been set-up to not be informed, to go with the given and regurgitated flow they have created. Like it was a for profit business and we are just consumers made to feel fear and guilt on their behalf. RUINATION OF LIVES IS NOT A CUT-THROAT BUSINESS, AND NOT A GAME. Third parties and big money pay pols and media to manipulate us and there seems to be no recourse against this. We don't know who they are. And they pay to stay unknowns and hidden from us.

The media leadership, like the established political process, has been there too long and has refused to evolve with the rest of us. They keep repairing a foundering money machine by dragging the same old same, old formulas on for news and prime time, and late night, for years and decades, shows that play to less and less audience because the audience, even young people, have grown more sophisticated than they are. And we are mostly just very bored with them. Lately, even Media Bytes are out of context and proportion to eelection events, eg: a pig with lipstick....

As good citizens, we rightly look to politicians, in the media for change. We the people are not part of the process anymore, we are the excuse and ultimately, their fall guys. We the people are the outsiders looking in on what havoc our elected officials have reaked upon us all. Our complacency is partly to blame, but we are not are due all of the blame. Predation, greed, and coercion, as the basis and justificaion to lie to us, is.

BUSH IS AN ALIEN to us. He, at the very last minute, signed the bail-out before anyone could ascertain its attributes before shappily (shabby+happy) signing taxpayer debt for decades to come. It was like Custer's Last Stand, because he has made himself the first president to be irrelevant even before he leaves office. God only knows what he is up to before and just after he is blessedly and finally out of there. Why could no one impeach these bastards?

He has retaliated our dislike for him as did Clinton, who sold executive orders and trashed the White House itself, along with education, the military, and foreign trade policy. Both THE CLINTONS ARE PREDATORS. We were snookered into voting for their ilk to the detriment of all life on Earth. They fell short of all their duties and no one called them to task for it. The press quit any in-depth analysis or worthhile coverage. The press, with its own troubles forsook their audiences as well. IMAGES RULE AND THEY RULE VERY BADLY!

So with even lamer Mass Media figures collusive and just as greedy, anyone can strike a pent up cord with us. We give our attention, basically, to anyone but them. A kind of protest against mediocrity and stagnation. The newbies will easily get our vote. every time. It is fun and interesting to meet new people. It is intense and fascinating. THE MORE NE FACES THE BETTER! Inclusion, to be part of something, appears to be the most successful path.

The election itself has been covered ad nauseum for two years, with increasing probity, as the election date approaches. It is almost a paparazzi frenzy of politicos coverage. Every old pol still alive has been interviewed and commented on this historic election. They are covering everything but the problems, issues and solutions. The actual work accomplished in Washington DC are among the things we aren't told about. We are told about motive, not judgement.

The surviving presidents except for Bush and Clinton have been respectful and true to their characters stayed in the background. Even the support of Kennedys was underplayed to allow the Obama main event to thrive. Even othe Republicans have allowed McCain and Palin to shine. Except for the Bushes and Clintons.

They have interfered with their partys' candidates to the point of overshadowing their candidacy, and for what? Do they actually think they are helping theIr party? It is INTERFERENCE OF ELECTIONS BY THE PRESS, AND FORMER PRESIDENTS, IS A MANPULATION TO DETER VOTERS FROM THEIR CANDIDATES! It is aggregious vicious behavior to manipulate the process to the singular purposes of keeping power.

The press is there to observe, not participate. The former leaders are there to endorse, not break the term limits las by running again. They become corrupt when they are there to long. Their addiction to their office had made them Gollum-like creatures, doing anything, no matter what it takes. TIME OUT! Through the flag, get them off the field! They have been and gone.
Do something else. They appear not to care for the greater good at all! And this shows, it comes across, and it is a turn-off for most people. And they wonder about our cynicism?

Their last stands, their continued tired old uselessness of out-dated convictions. I'm sure if Hillary could've gotten away with it, she would have even subverted the nominating process to steal the nomination from Obama. Her racist language and death implications has lessened him as a candidate. He remains popular for not doing the "politics as usual." Both parties differ from their candidates in terms the process of things, that is an uncovered first.

Our past leadership has been a massive failure of both policy and culture. Such selfish, ego-centered, politics of party first and the people last has put reason at the bottom of existence. Facts and truth have been minimized, leaving only the seven deadly sins alive. Hopefully, neither candidate will follow in those traditional footsteps.

Bush is the worst president ever and the God help us, those elitist still in your face awful Clintons, the second worst presidents, they have only the past to offer and their opposing party to emulate. Their boorish, UNRELENTING NEED FOR GREED, for still more Money and Sex, unrespectively, drives their lack of actual purpose and strategy. They have a stranglehold on our potential leaders and have proven themselves to be the lousiest role models since drunken, drug addicted celebrities.

YALE OWES OUR COUNTRY big time for taking these raw minds into a seemingly unbreakable training that has destroyed US for decades to come. Yale should be held liable, its political grads should be held liable. The government’s inability to act should be held liable. MORE THAN ONE SOMEONE IS LIABLE. That absence of any direction, solutions, and implementation what used to work has made the citizenry very irritable. We shouldn’t have to pay for them!

Don’t misinterpret me, I was happily married to a non-political Yalee (he died of old age in my arms). There are a few good Yalees out there, somewhere, I’m sure. But the elected official ones have maliciously and haplessly destroyed millions of registered voters’ lives, and the lives of the many employees on all levels that work for US.

Republican last minute solutions to bail out their rich friends and relatives will likely not hold. It is the end of our magical thinking. Add to that the incompetent enforcement of our laws, by those not in power, and it is understandable why we should VOTE OUT ALL INCUMBENTS.

The one advantage to this historic election travesty is that both parties have loud voices, and near equal polls and very high voter registrations. Recalling the ghost of news philosophy past, Fred Friendly, it is TIME FOR ALL AMERICANS TO ACTUALLY "THINK "and CAST A WISE VOTE FOR THE CANDIDATE THEY BELIEVE IN! It is not a lot to ask for considering our deteriorating infrastructure and values, if even we do this only every four years.

Let’s vote in new people, on all levels of government, who actually have economic, energy, health, and education plans that will work, that respect both term limits and minorities. Expand the middle class. Broker a Treaty of Jerusalem once and for to end the expense of war and killing around the world. Go to the heart of our problems first. There are so many out, we must move on solutions. Let's USE OUR VOTE to create the America we love. Again. and again.